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Different End of Day times

Especially restaurants and cafés need flexible End of Day times for their reconcilliation. At EMS you can chose your own End of Day time so you are not bound to the cut-off times from your bank. This way all your transactions from one business day will be paid out in one batch, instead of divided over 2 natural days.

Void pre-authorizations

Being able to void pre-authorizations will deminish the risk of fraudulent transactions for hotels. EMS offers you the ability to cancel these pre-authorisations and reservations before they are settled on the consumers account.


Dynamic Currency Conversion

In the leisure industry customers are more likely to complete a purchase when they know exactly how much they'll be paying. With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) you can do the conversion for them and show your customers directly what they will be paying in their own currency. This provides transparency and will benefit you too: you will receive a share from the currency conversion.

Extensive range of credit & debit cards

EMS has 40 plus years of experience in the acquiring of credit & debit cards. We offer an extensive range of cards which will help you serve your customers at best. They can chose to pay with their preferred payment method. For example with American Express (AMEX).

Integrated systems for all sorts of payments

Through our partnerships we can offer a seamless integration to your current hotel infrastructure to ensure a smooth and convenient implementation. We can connect your Property Management System (PMS) to our payments platform so you only need one acquirer. This way you can collect all your payments (reception, restaurant, souvenir shop) in one system.

My EMS: clear overview per location/terminal

Our industry-leading reporting tools seamlessly feed data into your systems for automatic reconciliation every day. We support complex client hierarchies with the ability to report by country, currency, hotel, terminal or whatever level you may require. For additional insight and analysis, our My EMS dashboard allows you to generate custom reports and extracts in near-real time. My EMS gives you 24/7 access to all your transaction data in a single, clear interface for easy reference and detailed reporting.

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