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MaaS solutions integrate all stages of the journey of a commuter, including trip planning, booking, e-tickets, and payments. They offer a commuter one, user-friendly application that allows them to travel via transport methods like train, bus, and metro.

MaaS should improve convenience in multimodal travelling and reduce congestion on public roads and sametime facilitate easy access to public transport facilities.

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Solutions Public Transport

With our flexible way of working we have created solid solutions for our public transport relations:

  • Debit & Credit card payments 
  • Payments for ticket vending machines
  • Catering payments

OVpay case in the Netherlands

Charging solutions

EMS is the partner of choice for leading solution providers such as Allego, Payter and more. Charging hybrid/electric vehicles (EV) and paying using NFC contactless payment technology without a membership plan marks a milestone in the fast growing mass adoption of E-mobility. EMS’s innovative (EMV NFC) payment infrastructure enables users to pay via NFC by Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Vpay and American Express by card, device or wearable (including Apple Pay and Google Pay), and we pay out to our clients in 14 different currencies.

Parking Solutions

Parking a car should be as convenient as possible for your clients. With the check-in check-out system your clients no longer have to queue for the ticket machine. When entering the car park they simply tap their payment card, smartphone or wearable against the contactless parking system and do the same when leaving. Using the NFC/EMV chip the transaction amount is deducted from the cardholders account.

Outstanding expertise

Mobility sector is transforming and adapting to customer’s expectation of effortless payments. The rapidly changing market, open banking structure (PSD2), security standards for card payments (PCI-DSS), privacy (GDPR) and your internal processes (cash flow, reconciliation, etc.) add layers of complexity to accepting payments easily. Contact EMS’s unrivalled Mobility team (Sales, Implementation, Technical support) to learn from their expertise in this field.

Peter Stuurman

Peter Stuurman
Manager Technical Solutions & Integration

Nancy Korsman

Nancy Korsman
Corporate Sales & Partnerships Manager

EMS - Your partner in mobility

  • Omnichannel Solutions

  • Accepting all important payment methods

  • Supporting all EU currencies

  • Offering solutions together with all leading MaaS partners

    EMS - Mobility as a Service partner

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