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One stop shop 

EMS offers you an omnichannel solution. Whether your business is digital, bricks-and-mortar, or both, we support all your payment needs in one place. You can even easily refund an online transaction in your physical store. All payments are processed on our OmniPay platform which is known for its zero downtime. 

Single reporting tool

Our industry-leading reporting tools seamlessly feed data into your systems for automatic reconciliation every day. We support complex client hierarchies with the ability to report by shop, country, currency, terminal or whatever level you may require.

For additional insight and analysis, our My EMS dashboard allows you to generate custom reports and extracts in near-real time. My EMS gives you 24/7 access to all your transaction data in a single, clear interface for easy reference and detailed reporting.

Flexibility in choosing payment services

We offer various payment services such as one-click checkout, recurring payments and payment link. With a one-click checkout your customers don’t have to fill in their (card) details every time they visit your webshop. Recurring payments make it easier to collect subscription fees. And to provide your customers with more payment flexibility you can send them a payment link, which can be sent by email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, text and as a QR code.

Broad range of payment methods

EMS offers you the ease of having one supplier for all your (local) payment methods. From debit to credit, online to offline and payment wallets. By offering a wide range of payment methods your customers can easily pay in their preferred way.


In the retail industry customers are more likely to complete a purchase when they know exactly how much they'll be paying. With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) you can do the conversion for them and show your customers directly what they will be paying in their own currency. This provides transparency and will benefit you too: you will receive a share from the currency conversion.

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