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Years of expertise

EMS has expertise in the travel industry for over a decade. We serve customers like LOT, Norwegian Air, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern and Transavia. We support these global and local clients in processing 130 different currencies.  

Dynamic Currency Conversion

In the travel industry, more than in other industries, customers are more likely to complete a purchase when they know exactly how much they'll be paying. With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) you can do the conversion for them and show your customers directly what they will be paying in their own currency. This provides transparency and will benefit you too: you will receive a share from the currency conversion.

Leading global payments system

Our processing platform OmniPay is an end-to-end platform for the payment flow as a whole. From authorization, clearing and settlement to merchant billing, funding, reporting  and chargebacks. It is known for its zero downtime which makes it very reliable. You can process online, Point-of-Sale (POS) and BSP transactions all in one platform and receive reports with all these in the same format.

High conversion rates

Due to significant investments in tools, systems and staff, we offer some of the highest authorization rates for travel industry. Obtaining the best conversion rates requires a combination of having the right functionalities in place as well as understanding the reasons of the transaction rejections. At EMS we compromise to understand our client’s business. There are several options to increase the approval rates that’s why we will do an in-depth research to boost your ecommerce revenue.

Excellent support & expertise

We are your provider, partner and consultant in the travel industry. Optimizing your transaction processing is our main goal; starting from the advice on the best setup, all the way to the monitoring and providing constant feedback. Fraud and chargeback data is analysed and discussed with our clients on frequent bases.

Clear data & tools

Our daily provided customized reports comply with your wishes and are easy to integrate with your systems. Airline Level 3 data of transactions is provided so airlines and Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) have clear insights into their data. By consolidating all the acquiring activities to EMS, you are ensured of a robust, industry standard processing platform wherever your business goes. We provide a state of the art reporting tool to meet your requirements now and in the future.

Complete solution, competitive pricing

Our omnichannel proposition offers the convenience of having one payment supplier.  Being part of a FirstData joint venture we can offer you a suited pricing and centralized processing for all major cards and a variety of online payment schemes such as Mastercard and Diners.

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